August 21, 2015

Ashley Madisons Data leak : Another Shock!

Ashley Madisons Data leak : Another Shock!

AshleyMadisons Data leak : Another Shock!

AshleyMadisons 20 gb dala leak

”The impact team”, Hackers behind the AshleyMadison’s Data leak, have now alarmed everybody by uncovering AshleyMadisons' internal data sized 20GB on the dark web through an adultery website.

The data leak this time disclosed credentials as sensitive as the source code, 73 different git repositories, Ashleymadisons' usage of gitlab internally, a compressed file containing AshleyMadison’s CEO emails and poorly hashed(md5) db credentials.

The Data leak ensued with an alerting message to the founder of the adultery website CEO Noel Biderman telling him to accept the reality of the data exposed.

The analysis of the second data dump confirmed that it contains approx. 1Gb of Biderman emails.

The revelation of the Source code for the site and emails from Avid Life Media (parent company) makes it newsworthy that the hackers,”The impact Team” behind this huge AshleyMadison hack are clever and smart enough to shake Avid Life Media exhaustively.