August 16, 2012

Fern Wifi Cracker with Cookie Hijacker

Fern Wifi Cracker 1.45 with Cookie Hijacker

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Fern Cookie Hijacker is a new feature add in Fern Wifi Cracker 1.45 ,it is a wifi based session hijacking tool able to clone remote online web sessions by sniffing and capturing wireless cookie packets from remote hosts by intercepting reachable wireless signals.

It is capable of decrypting WEP encrypted packets on the fly to process session cookies transmitted over the air.

Fern cookie Hijacker comes with smart integrated code to detect and intercept cookie packets, unlike some cookie detection engines fern cookie hijacker does not wait to collect complete cookie acknowledgement during the initial authentication process, but pulls cookies and associate them with their hosts as they are transmitted over the wireless connection, its also forges to correctness values that are not captured e.g (expiry,isSecure).

Download Fern Wifi Cracker 1.45