Greek finance ministry hack by Anonymous

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Greek finance ministry hack by Anonymous

Greek finance ministry hack by Anonymous

Anonymous hacked Greek

Hackers Group "Anonymous" with Operation  #OpGreece strikes again on Greek Ministry of Finance and claims to leak confidential document including Login and passwords.Accourding to anonymous via the document pased on Anonpaste - The poupose of the hackwas to protest against the worse economic condition in Greece.

They even said "We gained full access to the Greek Ministry of Finance,"

Anonymous posted a compressed file with documents, plus passwords and logins, that the group claimed were valid. Anonymous said it had accessed IBM servers, and that it possessed an SAP zero-day exploit.

"There is an ongoing inquiry," a Ministry of Finance spokeswoman told SC Magazine UK on Tuesday. "We are searching to see if this hack happened." said The Greek Ministry of Finance.


Link to Anonpaste File :

Link to Leaked confidential file

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