May 8, 2019

Israel Military Hits Back At Gaza in Response to Cyber Threats Concerning National Security and 600 Rockets Launched at Israel

Israel Military Hits Back At Gaza in Response to Cyber Threats Concerning National Security and 600 Rockets Launched at Israel

Cyber attacks are an escalating threat to national securities and yesterday it turned out bad for the attackers when Israel’s military took an operation to end things their way. The Israel military yesterday announced that they  "thwarted an attempted Hamas cyber offensive against Israeli targets. Following our successful cyber defensive operation, we targeted a building where the Hamas cyber operatives work."

The military took it on to twitter and tweeted an image of the targeted building in the Hamas air strike alongside a text quoting "HamasCyberHQ.exe has been removed.”

An IDF spokesperson told news reporters, “Hamas no longer has cyber capabilities after our strike.”

Here’s the image uploaded by the military showing the building affected by the airstrikes against Hamas cyber attackers.

Some Israel supporters also uploaded a Israel Drone strike video footage of the attacks on the Twitter that you can see below.

Countries and states have been silent on the recently escalating cyber attacks lately but Israel has become the first nation to respond to such attacks in real-time with military forces. Though we have had US target and kill ISIS hacker chief Junaid Hussain in 2015 but the attack on this British citizen was held by a drone. Notably, he leaked information about the US military personnel online.

At the time, a spokesperson from the US Department of Defence said that Hussain "was involved in recruiting ISIS sympathizers in the West to carry out lone-wolf style attacks. He had significant technical skills and expressed a strong desire to kill Americans … He no longer poses a threat. We have taken a significant threat off the battlefield and have made it very clear [to] ISIS leadership we are going to target them … just as we’re targeting their communications nodes, logistics nodes and military equipment."

“The cyber defense abilities of Israel mean attempts by the Hamas terror group to carry out Cyber-attacks fail time after time,” said an intelligence official in response to this immediate response to the threats of cyber attacks.

600 Rockets Launched At Israel

"Palestinian officials said an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire agreement was reached with Israel to end the recent surge of violence in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel."  This report came after Israeli Defence Forces threatened to attack on Gaza through air and the US forces also came into the support of the action. It has turned out to be a big back and forth battle in just two days of time since 600 rockets were launched on Israel Defence Forces from ISIS. Hitting back at the terrorist group, army has targeted hundreds of buildings in Gaza. Reports are there that four Israelis and 23 Palestinians are killed in the encounter so far. Here is a video of some of the 600 rockets launched from Gaza.

This can be considered as an example of how far governments are willing to go against any kind of terrorism groups and cyber threats. Iran is increasing cyber attacks on the countries in support of the US and it will not be far to see the U.S moving more military forces into the area.