Pizza Hut Hacked by 0-Day and Pyknic

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Pizza Hut Hacked by 0-Day and Pyknic

Pizza Hut Hacked by 0-Day and Pyknic

Pizza hut hacked

Yesterday Australian Pizza Hut website was hacked by a hacking group "0-Day" and "Pyknic". Hackers defaced the website and claim that they have stole 260,000 Australian credit card numbers. But a Pizza Hut spokeswoman said they did not store any information related to Credit cards on its website. "Pizza Hut can confirm that a layer of its website,, was breached with access gained to names and contact information, including email addresses".

"We are working with our website providers to conduct a thorough investigation of the matter and have also reported the incident to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. We would like to reassure all of our customers that absolutely no credit card information was stolen and there is no need for concern regarding credit cards." Mr Houston said in a statement to Gizmodo

"The security of our online ordering system has not been compromised in any way and our customers can continue to order online in the knowledge the ordering system is secure."

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