Reliance Server Hacked Vulnerability Exist

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Reliance Server Hacked Vulnerability Exist

Reliance Communications Server Compromised with Information disclosure Vulnerability

Hacker with nickname "mr.hack3r420" has successfully compromise the web server of Reliance Communications ( as shown in image (screenshot taken by THN team and we make link hidden to save site from further misuse of damage).

Hacker most probably get this access because of Information disclosure Vulnerability in Reliance website.Most of the Folders on website are visible to everyone publicly and there is a interesting file called "Upload_AppId_VId.php" available , using which hacker may be able to upload his own php shell on the server to get access to FTP and Linux User account. This is not the first time Reliance become the victim, a few months back, hacker named "ISAC" was able to access Reliance Communications ISP server, and he release the list of all blocked sites by Reliance to Protest against Internet Censorship.

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